Is Life War?

We keep running a race
Without leaving a trace.
We want to keep in pace
But we keep creating spaces.

The sky is wide enough
For birds to fly and create their spectacle
But Lágbájá mustn’t beat me to it.

I don’t compete with people
But my success must first be complete.
Lágbájá is my mate
But he mustn’t walk through gates
With pronounced gaits like I do.

I hustle to make ends meet,
I must afford meat.
I don’t care if Lágbájá can’t,
My happiness only counts.

Some hearts wield grenades
That can destroy the whole earth.
Is your heart a ticking bomb
Waiting to explode at others’ success?
Then, life must be war.

Lágbájá: Yoruba word for somebody.

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