If Only She Knew

“How do I tell this to her? How do I even start?” he kept thinking to himself as he walked sluggishly towards the last hall in the hallway where they had agreed to meet.

Walking in, his eyes met hers. She was looking beautiful as usual. With the complexion of a fairy, oval-faced with a perfectly pointed nose (not the usual kind you’d see on a daily basis), well-rounded tits that looked like they were screaming for a soft squeeze from under the crop-top she casually wore, small brown eyes that looked like they could see through one’s soul, Oh, her smile that could make one smile for no reason, and… her ass? Let’s not even go there. She was just perfect!

She smiled but he was so engulfed in his thoughts that he unconsciously forgot he had walked into the almost empty hall. Not smiling back, he noticed the smile she wore on her face had disappeared and been replaced by a worrisome expression.

“Damnit!” he cursed himself under his breath. He had made a secret pact with himself to act normal when he met her.

She knew immediately that something was wrong. There was no way. She was definitely going to get him to talk. And what other thing was there to say than to break the news to her!

“I’m sorry Rachael but we can’t continue this any longer. I’m sorry,” he said this, mustering all the strength he could. That instant, he knew he loved her, at least he did. He was beginning to harbour thoughts that he was running crazy. She’s what I’ve always wanted in a woman! Why am I even doing this?!

“Wait! What… how do you…? I–I don’t understand,” she managed to stammer while hot tears fell from her eyes, rolling slowly down her cheeks. It hit her! Yes, it hit her that instant! He’d stopped calling like he used to. She remembered the times they’d talk over the phone at least 3 times a day. But in the last 2 weeks, they’d only managed to speak once a day.

Yes, she’d suspected. She knew something was wrong. She confronted him about it. “Baby, you’ve been acting weird lately. We barely talk anymore. What’s the problem? You know you can always talk to me,” she asked him on several occasions.

“Babe, I’m sorry. I’ve just been caught up with stuff. Been really busy, that’s why.”

She just stared at him while every ounce of hurt kept eating into the depths of her soul. The tears kept streaming down her cheeks. She felt helpless. He couldn’t look her in the eye so he looked away, but he looked like his mind was made up already.

Streaming tears gradually developed into loud sobs. It was echoing in the empty hall. He couldn’t keep watching. It was 6:14pm already. “I’ve got to go.” He cowardly hurried out of the hall.

If only she knew…!

… that the “new she” was waiting in his apartment for his return.

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