I Weep For The Humans

They said you are wiser than an animal
They said you are the higher animal
Because you can think smartly
Because you know, and can distinguish between wrong and right.

But I see thou creating borders on the Freeland of nature.
You create rules for yourselves without considering if it would work for me.
You segregate yourselves based on colors and tribes.
You create poisons, guns, tanks and prisons.
You said you want everyone to follow the rule you inducted (leader).

You talks about how much more you want peace
Then you rape, you rob and cause mayhem.
Countries of yours that preach peace endorse wars in another countries.
You say everyone is one and equal yet you have immigration, you discriminate and segregate.

You burn each other alive
You slaughter your little ones
You feast on others’ hard-earned resources.
You use each other’s bodies as natural fertilizers
Each other’s blood as a river for you to swim.

You talk of how bad war is but you still manufacture guns
You talk of how sweet peace and oneness is but yet you draw borders.
You claim religion but break every single bone of that religion.

Oh humans, you draw borders amongst yourself, you kill each other in the most cruel way.
You worship each other with the mindset that “they are superiors, they know better”
You murder your young ones
You keep on chasing peace and unity.

But then animals love their young ones
Animals show compassion to each other
Animals don’t have borders.
Even though its the survival of the fittest.
Animals are not cruel.
So reflect and see if your still thinking right.

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