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Winds howling from outside with witches strutting outside my doorstep
Finally, I’m going to transform into my original self
It hurt my face decaying, nobody told me it would hurt
I find it arduous to feel myself, so I let out hoots from the depth of my soul
So what’s going on with me? Will I cease to exist?

My door shaking from my behind with grim reapers ready to collect my soul and swap with the devil
Now it’s time for me to watch and allow nature to take place
And what if I die? With my eyes fixed on the ceiling?

Can someone make this pain stop? It’s agonizing
Empty souls watching me as I show my fangs
Ready to celebrate with my broken soul after her death
Vultures peeping from the window with grins on their hairless face
I just want to feel alive and healthy

“Embrace,” they whisper into my ears
“You’re looking like us,” the wind conveyed their message
Inquisitiveness took over me and I looked into the stainless mirror
Half-demon, half-human
What a perfectly imperfect being I am.

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