Eré Ọmọdé

Eré Ọmọdé

How I yearn for those moments long gone behind…

Let’s journey together to that village river,
Where we swim after the shower under the rain,
When the Earth is wet and the bank is sandy—
Let’s dig our little feet into the soil again
And mould those small ilé ẹyẹ

Let Àkàní play bàbà
While Àduǹní plays ìyá,
Let’s cook on those invisible fires again,
Play Bojú bójú as the sunset,
Let’s hide together again;
Behind the Àkókò tree,
Where Bàbá Àgbà once killed a large òkété.

Can you still remember how Màmá Àgbà chased us around the village huts?
Very early in the morning,
Begging us to take our bath—
Can you ever forget those frightful tales she told?
Just to make us surrender—
Can you remember Lábísí’s first injection?
When she was stabbed in the buttocks,
We cried and stayed indoors that day,
Begging Màmá Àgbà to chase the strange lady away…

I can still remember our cool spot
under the bamboo shed,
Where the stream is always cold.
Let’s catch those small ọmọ ẹja again,
As they slip off our small palms.

Those moments are long gone
How time flies?
We were happy then—
Watching lavas turn into colourful butterflies.

Eré Ọmọdé …

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