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Nkiru watched as the leaves of the neem tree beside their house danced randomly. They had been doing that for the past three hours and she had been staring at them. This was the cause of the ‘STAY AT HOME!’ order by the government. She wondered when all of this would end. She wondered if the said virus was going to wipe out humanity. She wondered if God let it happen as a punishment for man’s overwhelming atrocities. She wondered if the recorded deaths were truly as a result of it or as a result of a different issue. She wondered what would happen to homeless orphans and the less privileged. She wondered how people who sold non-edible items for a living would cope with the situation.

The government made sure all shops excluding essential food stores were shut down. She missed school, she missed outings, she missed outdoor fun.

“This might end soon, who knows?” she thought. She believed the future would be better, why not? Wasn’t that the meaning of her name? Wasn’t she ‘Nkirukamma’?

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