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It pierces my back sharply
Finds its way through my heart
The pain is blinding
It is excruciating
Pray tell, shall I recover from this blight?

That is my friend
And that is my husband
I watch from a distance
They smile brightly
And adorn each other with kisses
Again, I feel the sharp pain
The stab of betrayal

Hanging my head in shame
I see their feet stomping hard on the floor
You’re a big disgrace,
I hear these words a million times
He denies knowing me
While his baby kicks in my womb
I wish to ignore those spiteful gazes
But then, it yanks at my heart
The pain of betrayal

The blood covers my eyes
It stings badly
They throw stones at me
Shouts of “na thief oo” filling the market place
I’m too weak to speak
I say I’m innocent but they can’t hear me
Far by my side, Mandy stands
My sister, we came together
Much worse than the deep cuts on my head and face
Huge rocks are thrown at my heart
I feel it crack, then shatter
Greater wounds are formed
They speed down my face
The tears of betrayal

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