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I’m just laying on my bed
So many voices in my head
Wish I could keep it all in instead
Bad energies that I don’t want to spread

I can feel you inside me
The little girl that won’t let me be
How I wish I could set me free
And no longer have to deal with thee

You’re reaching out to tear off my mask
Of what use is this, if I may ask?
Carrying you around feels like a task
My whole body feels like a flask

You’re a part of me left unsaid
A bad memory that I need to shred
A part of me that I haven’t fed
An inner part of me I want dead

But I know you won’t go away
Somehow I know you’re here to stay
Your heavy weight my strides will sway
While the world thinks I dance ballet

I will dance till all is set
I will dance to win this bet
If I lose, my foot is set
To keep dancing till my death

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