A Beautiful Evening

Beads of sweats trickled down my chin. The heat seeped through my pores causing the inside of me to char.

Mother nature has finally shut her doors against humanity,
spiking us with disease,
and sending the sun to char us into nothingness.

Maybe we have offended Ala,
maybe we should pour libations to Ala, the goddess of the earth
to cleanse us of this catastrophe.

Sunk in despair, my head spun like a carousel.
Sleep couldn’t steal me away,
the inside of the house burned like a furnace.

My skin wept as
globules of sweat tricked down to the earth.
Mother earth heard my wailing.

She answered with an Eastern wind.
It seeped through my pores
and made me whole.
I stood on ten toes ready to walk in the company of nature and embrace the wind.

I felt droplets of water on my cheeks, could be rain?
The sky became thick with haze and the clouds thundered in anger.

The corrugated sheets couldn’t help
but wail as the sky rained salvos of water which seemed like shrapnel to my ear.

I embraced nature wholely,
I fell in love with rain.
The kind of love that wrings you out and makes you breath through the nostrils of your beloved

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