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Wicked Love

All I asked was the chance to love you for a day, an opportunity to take you out on a date, bring you flowers and even if it kills me, save you from your tower.

I wanted to hold your hands and pretend you were mine, forget myself to the anger of time, all I wanted was a moment I could reminisce about. Now my hands pull my hair and my voice forgot how to shout

I wanted to breathe your air; when people see us I wanted them to say: “Hey, look at those pair.” I wanted your love and I’ll always want more, I offered my words but my letters got torn.

You said you love me and I want to believe it’s true. I got drunk on your smile and the words you brewed, you shut me out but I told myself to trust you; no matter the pain I know I’ll always find a way to forgive you.

Now I stand in the middle of a battle with not a knife nor dagger, trying to get to you whilst I stagger, my bleeding eyes tender with tears of your silence, but even they are getting dried by the wings of acceptance.

Just when I am starting to heal you appeared again with that smile, the smile that told my naïve brain it hasn’t been a while; my heart fluttered in anticipation of being stabbed, because it knows it is yours and no matter the stabs you want, you can have.

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