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To All The Children Affected By This Pandemic, There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

To all the children:

The children that had to leave their new-found homes and come home because of this virus, this pandemic;
To all the children that had to leave the comfort of their hostels, their boarding schools—the one true place they found happiness, where they could interact with and be treated equally as other children to come home;
To come home to their step-mothers, their step-fathers, aunties, uncles, older cousins, people who don’t appreciate the little they do, people who get mad at them no matter what,
people who find faults in whatever they do, whether good or bad

To the girl child who will be beaten at the slightest mistake,
To the girl child who will be molested, maltreated, beaten blue-black and starved because her madam deems it fit and will do what she wants
To the girl child who will be rained with insults, cursed simply because she got tired after doing her chores and forgot to clean the back of the television set
To the girl child whose uncle will come down in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep to have carnal knowledge of her
To the girl child who will still not be able to talk because of the fear already installed in her system

To the boy child whose day starts at five and ends at eleven
To the boy child who is forced to wash his madam’s underwear
To the boy child who isn’t given an opportunity to defend himself when his uncle’s children lie against him
To the boy child who can’t have some toys or play with his cousins because his place is in the kitchen and that’s where he belongs. Not in the playground
To the boy child who is asked to do the jobs which had he been in school, his uncle would have hired a house worker to do the job
To everyone who is affected negatively by this sudden drift in the world that has caused people their lives, lives of their loved ones, hang in there ’cause there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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