The Harvest of Iniquity

Our land blessed with fertility.
Our mind blessed with tranquility.
For us was left a choice to make.
To choose between the real and the fake.

Our farmland large enough it is.
We could cultivate anything with ease.
What to cultivate now left for us to choose.
The good and the evil at our disposition to choose.

Now I ask the world: “Who made this choice?”
Who chose the seed we planted? Let me hear your voice.
If no one did, then we are all guilty.
Guilty of ignorance and impurity.

Over the years we have had our fertile land cultivated with evil.
As the products come forth, we blame the devil.
Severally we were warned to readjust and have a recoupment.
But no we saw our chancellors as men of psychological impediment.

The Almighty looks down in disappointment and smiles in pity.
For we have disdained sanctity and embraced iniquity.
In reciprocity, our harvest he orchestrated.
The harvest of the evil we willingly perpetrated.

Now I laugh as the world panics in great terror.
This harvest I see as a preamble for I anticipate a greater horror.
The purpose of creation we have intentionally crumbled.
Here comes nature to have our purpose and peace crumbled.

Like Sodom and Gomorrah we have incurred the wrath of nature.
And our plague and agony is due and mature.
Who will save the world, who will save mankind?
For the anger from above we haven’t seen its kind.

Gradually we are reaping the unpleasant fruit of our ignorance.
The devilish fruit with a devilish fragrance.
Oh, what a great harvest of evil and impurity.
It is indeed a traumatic harvest of iniquity.

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