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My pen itches to write about this for quite a long time.
Yes, I really want to write about the monster nude.
Many would be asking: is it because of Maryam Booth?
But it’s really not, even though this addresses her brood.
The first time I saw it, I felt like I wanted to puke
Nude led to spook.

You sent him nudes because you trusted him
You allowed him to have the after sex selfies and videos.
Later on, you noticed that you’re imprisoned,
enchained by guilt and regrets
Because he kept on threatening you each minute,
daring you: “When you fail to fulfil what I ask you to, you would regret it.”
The words sound like a dynamite in your mind,
your heart throbbed and you begged him with your bulging teary eyes.
But he was now officially dumb, his mind was at conflict with his heart “Just do it,” the voice rings in his head.
You wake up to a morning and it’s a mourning day for you.
Breaking news talks about you, you felt like a whole disaster.
wrecked day, crumbled night, shattered soul.

But wait and listen…

Most of us are guilty of this, most of us are “haram police”
Our cameras are the weapons of the day.
Vault is the most common app of the day.
Nude is the most common trend of the day.
You know what I’m talking about and you do it.
Remember how you convinced her to send it for you,
begging her as if your life depends on it?
But we don’t see our own, even though we might one day be a victim of circumstances.
one may ask: “why even send it in the first place?”
Look at this poem one more time and reflect.

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