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It was a bright morning, and nature’s painter had begun painting the skies with a light shade of yellow. I took steps away from my apartment door and I walked to the lobby. I glanced down from the second floor and my eyes acted like they were instructed; they revealed to me a beauty queen sitting on the railings on the ground floor.

She was new to our lodge, and she was definitely beautiful. How did I know she was definitely beautiful? The guys had wasted no time in gathering around her. I got a glimpse of her face, and I was tempted to join in this quest. But, I had a reputation as a good boy that could not be broken.

But I was curious, I had to know her. And I had my ways—her roommate was a good friend. I took my time to look great and I walked to her doorstep. Unfortunately, the new girl was no longer outside and the hungry boys had probably gone for a new catch or perhaps they were mapping out battle plans to takeover this new crown.

I knocked on that door, and I was expecting a my friend to open. But, I was struck by human light. This light came in form of a young girl with beautiful eyes, perfect skin tone and a heartwarming smile. I froze. Immediately, I knew I had to beat every battle plan those hyenas were setting, and I had to ready my tanks and fighter jets. She was going nowhere, she had to be mine.


I have spoken of how lazy my hand is to write, and how my ink sleeps. Therefore, I skip how a joke had become a kiss. And how a kiss had turn passion and how passion had become strong love. And how that love became my addiction to her. Yet…


I never lose battles to claim what I desire, I am way more than a general and am a mastermind of love strategies. But my rank and strategies failed on the most important battle, my missile misfired and hit the center of my camp. I lost the biggest battle: keeping her heart. This was were my ships sunk and my ammunition got exhausted. I was a claimer but not a keeper.

I won her heart but I lost our love. I built our relationship in on a battleground, and I forgot our love in enemies territory. And that ended the battles, or why else would I fight when the glory is lost?

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