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Covid-19 For Naija

E be like say the world dey on hold
Many people dey die, children, mothers, fathers, brothers. This virus wey show leveled the rich, poor, meek and bold.
A flu, a disease, a virus
Wey make mama dey watch her pikin dey struggle to breathe, dey struggle to cry to show how e dey feel. To hold am, to console am she no fit, cause the disease go hit am like say na action film.
The kind pain wey papa feel when e carry him daughter go isolation center. That kind pain when you see nobody dey carter for your pikin, food dey no give am, dey wan use super isolation frustration kill am.
Oya country government
Better hospitals we no get, medical kits we no get, electricity, asin normal NEPA light, we no get. Wetin we even get for this country? Ok, una say self-isolate, we say e sure for una becos una no provide anything for citizens but una provide military men wey dey patrol upandan sote dey shoot person child. Asin how market, the rich go donate this and that, how many people una give, later na una go say we started from the very poor. I mean from the scratch. All the things wey Custom don seize make dem distribute naa.
But e make sense sha, all of una don dey collect the coronavirus one after the other. Oga run comot the country make I see na. I pray this serves as a lesson to all of una. May God heal the world. Amen.

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