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Cold Night

It was really cold last night. It didn’t rain, no. The trees behind my house made sounds that seemed like they would fall.

I opened my eyes lazily, there goes my sleep. I switched on my cellphone and read messages. Didn’t reply any. They would not notice, WhatsApp receipts are turned off.

I plugged in earplugs and played a new song I just downloaded, hoping the melancholic sound and blend of harmony will send me to sleep.

My eyes began to flutter. Sleep was coming.

In the blurs I saw her. Outside, by the window. Her long black tattered dress, parts of it flowing in the wind.

I shot my eyes wide open. She was gone.

My eyes began to flutter again. Sleep was still nearby. I saw her again, still by the window, but this time, inside.

I shot my eyes open, again. She was gone, again.

I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. My body felt like it was not my own.

I opened my mouth to talk and nothing came out.

My eyes began to flutter again, this was definitely not sleep, my brain was awake.

I saw her again, this time closer.

As she walked to the bed, the room felt colder, my eyes became too heavy to stay open.

She got to the bed, bent down, touched my face, her hands felt like ice.

She whispered words into my ears. My eyes went shut, completely.

But my brain didn’t.

I felt her presence hover for a while, then leave. The cold air left with her. I felt life return to my body, but I didn’t move. This time it was voluntary.

I just didn’t want to.

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