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The Studio Shoot

Six years killed by six minutes
Just like a dream
Her text was gone
Her calls won’t come

The spirit within me
Couldn’t rest a bit
Even pain relievers
Were not enough pills

My heart raced marathons
My brains collated the apparatus
To experiment a peaceful thought
But, no they never come

So, I took my cell phone
And made a call to her
To free myself from the cell
For my thoughts are now split into many folds

“Oh! Hello,”
At the other end came her voice
As gentle as usual
Making my soul a peaceful ritual

With love and fear
I asked in despair
“Where have you been?
You face I haven’t seen”

And with serenity
She threw me on a hot plate
With the words from her mouth
The cold room become a hot place

“Oh! Boy, I’m gone
For I see you love
That lady with whom you took pictures
And for you to enjoy her more, I’m gone”

A hurricane of disappointment
Hit my head
My soul became dead
I could find not even a help

Oh! My
The lady with whom I took pictures
Was a friend and birthmate
How couldn’t she relate?

A picture made me lose her
A picture with a birthday mate
Who was a lady like her
How come I didn’t see jealousy in her face?

Oh! I think it’s my fate
To lose a six-year-old relationship
Within six minutes
Just because of a studio shoot with a friend

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