Reversed Paradigm

The tide of slavery rises
as freedom is but a myth.
Minds groan in perplexity
as acts swell in complexity.

The days of words are over
as actions reign supreme.
Deeds are rampant
as noise is no longer flippant.

Mega media silence,
a new stride for the publicist.
And rumours wealthier
than the real information.

So cheap is the truth
as lies became expensive.
The information market
exists as a pile of ruins.

Infectious messages
benumb the minds
to err and relinquish
what is left of the soul.

Itching ears punctured.
Longing eyes gorged out.
Fearless tongues cut off.
There are no more witnesses.

Now we pride in stale news,
a façade of what they want us to hear.
There is a great paradigm shift,
changing the face of our generation.

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