Miss Don’t Bleach

I am here to deliver a speech,
probably, maybe even teach.
Give me the permission to impeach,
impeach whose skins were bleached,
or 10,000 lashes for each.

Amnesty you should beseech,
and promise never to breach
You bleach to impress who?
in the human race you’re just a leech
Your skin confuses me, I don’t even know, if it’s yellow or peach

Let me preach,
and I pray my target would be reached.
If you bleach for the sake of men, then listen
Real men appreciate natural color,
I won’t marry you because you’re fair or black
I would marry you because I love you

Skin color have nothing to do with beauty,
even when you have the biggest booty
I would choose a girl I love over you in Djibouti
Black skin is more than gold or pearl, it’s a fruity
When you hear this, don’t be snooty,
a real man would love you even when your skin looks snooty.

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