Stop the Pattern of Despair

As great as one can be
Everyone trips.
When they stumble,
They fall.

For fig trees dry up
The cedar is cut down
The sky darkens
While the sun hides its face

The sky is red
The soul cries.
It screams for help
As it enters a bottomless pit.

All traces of light,
Are subdued in this darkness.
And every cry of help
Is silenced by my weakness.

My arrogance, my flaws,
is what led to this.
Had I been careful,
Perhaps it would have ended otherwise.

But I was lost,
In the fun and pleasures.
I let myself drown,
In the lies I chose to believe.

The webs around me tighten,
My heart beats faster
Adrenaline is in my veins.
What am I to do?

I could have hoped once again
But I remember how hope failed.
I could have prayed
But i see the old prayers still hanging, unanswered.

The pit swallows me.
My inner desires become my downfall.
Who to turn to, who to trust
When you yourself don’t know who you are.

My identity is long gone.
My fate is far decided.
My soul dwells in Hades,
As it awaits my body.

Can’t anyone save me?
Can’t anyone help me?
No, no they can’t,
For the pit has swallowed me whole.

I await my sentence
I feel the Reaper coming for my soul.
Do I accept death?
Or should I reach for the light?

The sweet warm light?
Do I even deserve it?
This is my sentence alone.
My own fault.

Why free myself,
From my punishment?
Why free myself from my prisons?
Why embrace a second chance for my soul?

But, everyone deserves a second chance.
I do too.
I want freedom,
I want to hope.

Yes! I want to live again!
I want to be freed from this darkness.
I want to leave this bottomless pit.
Yes! I would embrace this light.

The path may be hard,
But I will prevail.
I will not fear.
I will not fall

At the end I would smile,
With no regrets.
I would tell my story,
And strengthen the weak ones.

Help the weak,
Guide them down their paths.
That is what one who had fallen before
Can do to bring the light to others

And this would be my story,
This is my story.
This would also be their story,
And this is our story.

Our story of how we fought
How we persevered.
How we never stopped.
This is the story of hope in despair.

TD Adams & Davine

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