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Shadowed Lives

Everything is cold
Roads are clear
As a path going to heaven
Silent ambience everywhere
Except for the whistling of the wind
Through the trees

Homes becoming hiding places
As welcoming signs offered to the fires
Our own hands becoming a friend to our enemy


Everyone one is trembling in fear
Eyes glued to TV’s, minds worn on our backs
Believing and hoping and praying
Watching closely like unarmed vigilantes
Trying to laugh more cautiously
Knowing that every minute that counts
Recounts the transition of lives to another world
Swiftly and painfully, yet easily
Like the snap of a finger
Or like the speed of the fire to utterly destroy

People hoping on tomorrow
Yet hoping tomorrow doesn’t take them
“Will this ever end?”
A question lurking on everyone’s lips
Unsaid, unanswered

©Enny 🔥

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