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My Woman, My Everything, My Woman, My Everything

She’s neither tall nor short,
neither slim like sugarcane nor fat like watermelon.
Her boobs and booty are curvy and firm

She’s neither fair like fanta nor dark like coke,
even though my mates are going crazy over her figure 8, with a nickname coke bottle

Her bulging snow-like eyes are seductive and enchanting, those eyes make me attain satisfaction without touch

Her melodious voice, so soothing, can make me to fall asleep inside a cave chained to a dragon.

Damn, I bet you should have seen how her lips move when she moans to my strokes, perfectly rounded.

Her fingernails are long, those nails keep on giving me thrilling memories of our rough play, burying them beneath my skin

She used her vampire-like teeth to give me marks, claiming me by giving me hickeys

I met her when Spartacus was premiered,
Nino was there with me and Jannan Dy can be a witness

I saw her from afar and our eyes met,
my heart started to beat like a karaoke drum,

Lost in the shores of love, passion and desire,
she bit her lower lips and gave me a smile

I stood up and shouted at the cinema “Wallahi I have fallen!”
Nino held my hand while Jannan Dy dragged my cloth to sit down.

Nino: “Abba, she’s poisonous like the black mamba.”
Jannan Dy: “She’s the risk you shouldn’t take.”

I smiled and said, “She might be a black mamba, but I am a black panther, she might be risky, but risk taker is my surname.”

“Cut! Cut! That’s a nice scene. Bravo!” said the director.

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