Dear Childhood

Dear childhood! In your majesty, I bow my adulthood
The time of dancing in the rain,
Happily peeing in my pant without worries
Moments of running around nakedly without shame!

Dear childhood! In your memory, I laugh and wail
Free dough from stranger never to be returned
Receiving lashes of stripes for raining the bed
Free from hustling and bustling to put food on the table!

Dear childhood! In your box, I kept my coins laundry
Borrowed without refunded
Stealing from the pot without conscience
And throwing tiny stones up there just to grow a missing tooth!

Dear childhood! In your knowledge, I’m an ignoramus
Never to sit on the door path, just to eat and be full
Never put your hands out to the rain
Just never sat on a mortal!

Dear childhood! Thou have left me old
Through clockwise of tick-tock,
Reflecting on me like a hunting shadow
For your path I will love to ride again!

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