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Dance in the Rain

Lost in the quietness of the rain,
Is where I want to be
I want to hear the echoes of the rain,
Singing praises of you and me

In the rain I long to dance
With your arms wrapped around mine,
stealing kisses at every chance
Till I’m lost in heaven’s time

In the hollow of your embrace
Enveloped in your warmth
feeling the drops falling on my face,
Neglecting nature’s dos and don’ts

Safe in your romance haven
Where the boisterous storm matters not
and roaring thunders toothless guts
In this rain, together we create our heaven

Take me to the rain my king
Where my tears flow down my cheeks
And new hope invading my breath
Till I lose myself to your love rebirth.

I want to dance in the rain
With you strong at my side
Pulling me closer to moan again
Before the goddess of the night.

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