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When All This Is Over

The earth’s current biological arena
Is in awe to the virus called ‘Corona’.
No more clustering like bunch of bananas
as its transmission needs no antennas.

We prayed to leave 2019
but 2020 came with Covid-19.
A pestilence embracing all including age 19,
now some wish to go back to 2019.

Nations are on their knees,
praying “Oh God we beseech thee”.
Government are confused like chased bees
seeking for help even on top of trees.

Our daily news headlines
is filled with Covid-19 redlines.
Many are dying without deadline,
but surely some will reach the finish line.

In less than six months on stage,
our dear trendy Corona
has become more popular than Rihanna.
And she continues to spread with rage.

Corona here!
Corona there!
What a distraction
from the real subtraction.

Economies in recession,
families in depression,
policies in secession,
societies in apprehension;
Alas! Humanity is in confusion.

Is there still conscience?
Can we still depend on science?
Are we still in God’s presence?
Is life still of essence?
Endless questions kept streaming from our hearts.

Experimenting with our human nature,
and deleting some of our social culture…
Corona has claimed a giant stature,
and we couldn’t see the big picture.

But when all this is over,
our emptiness will be uncovered.
Like houseflies, we’ll hover
around leftovers forever.

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