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Out of Love

“Hello,” her voice echoed from the other end of the phone. It was still lovely. Oh, what exactly did this girl do to me? How can I love like this?


She was quiet. I was sure she was probably thinking of another lie to give me now. I kept quiet, waited for her to finish thinking and give her usual lie.

“Baby, I’ve been meaning to call you!”

“Okay…?” I said it like I was waiting for her to add full stop in her speech.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. My phone developed a fault yesterday, That’s why I couldn’t call.”

I lost it, in as much as I was mad at her, I kind of wanted her to have a good reason for not calling me throughout yesterday. Somehow I was ready to forgive her. Yes, I loved her that much. You can say I was a prisoner of love.

“Wait, you mean yesterday that was my birthday and your excuse for not calling or even texting me was because your phone developed a fault? Seriously?” My heart was getting heavy.

She was silent.

“What exactly is going on with you? We’ve only been in this relationship for two months and suddenly you’re being this way? You think I don’t know you’re lying? How exactly did you post a status yesterday? Oh, you remembered to block me from viewing your status, but forgot that Prince has your number and can see your updates? Why not go straight and tell me this you’re not interested in this relationship anymore? Don’t you think it’s better than all these games?”

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t give me that! You kept saying that and you’d still do worse afterwards.”

“I’m sorry, this isn’t working anymore.”

I stopped. Did I just hear her right? Oh God!

I wanted her to be honest with me… but I wasn’t ready to hear this.

“What did you just say? Are you being serious right now?”

“Yes. I’ve wanted to tell to tell you this for a long time now.”

Oh God…

“Why exactly don’t you want this to continue? Did I do anything wrong? Did I not love you right? I’ve always been there for you, I support you. What have I not done for you? I even released a new song in your honour to show that I love you. What—?”

“Please Ipud, just stop. I know all those things you’re saying. But you’re just not the right one for me. I’ve tried to see if it could work but no it isn’t working. I’m in another relationship now. I’m dating an actor now… he’s good and have acted in many movies too. At least it’s working out for him.”

“Wait… is this about my music career? Like seriously?”

“Not entirely, but this is just not working. Excuse me I’ve got to go now…”

She hung up. I fell back on my bed with tears rolling down my cheeks. I’ve never loved anyone the way I loved this girl. I sacrificed for her. I supported her, and now this? I didn’t even see this coming when we started.

I picked my phone and tried distracting myself. Every part of my phone had her picture on it and it was making me sadder. I rushed to my gallery and deleted all her photos. I couldn’t bear seeing her face anymore. She’s scum!

I logged into my Instagram account and scrolled down for a bit. I needed something to cheer me up. My guys won’t be coming around until 2pm so I needed some distraction.

My eyes stopped on it. An advert by Don Jazzy. He was throwing a quarantine challenge. A chance to win a million naira with a minute video. I scrolled past it and then came back to it.

Something clicked in my head immediately—a sad song though. A letter to Jessica.

I recorded a freestyle, posted and tagged Don Jazzy. The entries he had reposted already were very good! I didn’t stand a chance at all. I was actually too lazy to delete or even tag people to help me repost. I just dropped my phone and slept.


The moment we drove into the Faculty, Theater Arts students were already outside waiting. I stepped out of the new Benz Don bought for me and there were sudden shouts amongst the students. Everyone was screaming my name and rushing to touch me; my bouncers were at alert to prevent that.

I waved at them and threw a bundle of 100 dollar notes at them. There was a stampede and I stole the opportunity to enter the Faculty.

That was actually the first time I’m visiting Anambra since I won the competition and was signed to Mavins Records. It’s been all shades of one good story to another. I was happy. The sad incident had turned to a blessing in disguise.


I stopped walking, the voice was very familiar. I turned and it was Jessica. She looked way uglier now and was putting on some very awkward clothes. I looked at her stomach, they were big. What! She was pregnant!Tears rolled down her cheeks. Oh God, this isn’t what I wanted. I hated her for what she did, but I wouldn’t want this to happen to her.

“Ipud!” someone called.

I looked around but couldn’t see the person. “Ipud, get up!” It followed by a slap.

I woke up.

It was Klaus and Prince. Klaus was the one that slapped me.

I got up and ran after him. He’s very mad. How could he disturb my sweet dream like that? We ran downstairs and out of the lodge.

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