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Like the king,
She is not allowed to cry
And like the king
She is the lion that should never cry.

She is not allowed to fall sick
Like the doctor,
She is the one to take care of the sick
Like the doctor.

Mother is the teacher
She is expected to know all
Like a teacher
Never to get hurt.

She is like the day
That is not allowed to get dark
But to be the light in the dark
She is like the light of Joshua
Commanded to stand still.

Mother is Christ,
she is supposed to be the inteccesor
The one I run to
In my time of distress
Away from his wrath.

My mother is perfect
And her presence is to be felt
She reminds me of my values
When situations threatened to take the rules.

Forgetting she is a human.
These are just my expectations
Cry mother, for you are human
They have it in their nature.

Forgive me mother
If the “should” are much
The “supposed” are much.
Even at the point of death
You remain my perfect mother.

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