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How Far Can You Go?

How far can you go with me?
How far can you go for me?
Can you go deep? Can you go high?
Will you fly on, till you crack the sky?

How far can I go for you?
As far as places mankind never knew
So far that I might get lost among the stars
And still be with you wherever you are

How far can you go for me?
As far as you go with me
Craze and danger, but nothing suicidal
Nonsense! Our love defines “suicidal”

I will go far back to our past
And relive all our moments till the last
Then I’ll dance with you into our future
One knee down, a crowd in the background
The perfect picture!

Thousands of kilometers, millions of miles
Up Mount Everest, or down the Nile
Let’s get lost, away from this world and its noise
You will come with me; anywhere, anyhow
By force or by choice

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