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Fero Kanuriy (Kanuri Girl)

Your thoughts keep me awake in the night;

My nose keeps on traveling back to the sweet scents of your humrah (perfume).

Do you remember how your mandil (veil) brushed my kaftan?

And you turned around to say, “Kanadi tai” (sorry)?

Your sparkling eyes paused the whole moment,
your dazzling smile got my heart beat stopped.

My eyes travelled across your shoulder to your hand,
where I took a glance at your perfectly drawn nalle (henna)

I swear the dongasho (dress) you wore was amazingly beautiful

I couldn’t resist how the murzan (necklace) falls on your chest

You swayed your goddess body and left me speechless

I immediately called Bakura to link me up with Yakura,
to tell her that I have met my fero kura (big girl).
Feroma (girl), I would spend my whole day dancing ganga kura (drumbeat) for you,
I can go to Dandal kura and broadcast my love for you

“Allah naiya soro monjen ba (by Allah this is not possible),” I whispered to my soul.
I rushed to her leaving figure and tapped her on the shoulder’,

I nicely finally let these words escape my shivering lips: “Nda watu “(Good morning).
She smiled and said, “Klewa silai” (fine).
And then bla bla bla, I woke up from my weekend sleep, knowing that the day was Saturday, and sanitation dey!

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