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Broken Soul

I’ve once opened my eyes to see nothing but black
My soul instantly sunk into paralysis
My tongue tasted the venom pool in my mouth
Why shouldn’t it? It had no option but to accept its caged fate
My teeth has bitten into
The rawness of hot vinegar
My mind has derived the most dreadful plans
And my being has danced by a fiery hall of lost souls
How had it begun? Someone, tell me my story
For this renewed mind can no longer remember its past sins.

Is it by force to love?
Is trust too much to ask for?
For the banks are all broken, they say,
And the merchants are all up a tree
When the bigwigs are brought to the Bankruptcy Court,
What? is the chance for a squatter like me
My thoughts had wandered far away
Borne off on memory’s outspread wings,
To where in deepening twilight lay
The wrecks of friendship’s broken soul
Little did I wonder why
A part of me is scared that you will take away
Another part of me that isn’t scared.

Playful TD & Tommy Brian

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