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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

“If not for the blindness of a bat, would it see a dying bird in the daylight and never rescue it from death?” — Ayodele Mojisoluwa

This is the present state of Nigerian government who find it hard to imitate and mirror the positive side of the neighboring and far away countries that are also drenched in the calabash of this whimsical pandemic quavering nearly every nation in the cosmos.

Truly, prevention is better than cure. But what are the necessary things that are to be put in place over the course of preventing people from being infected? We don’t just prevent without proper preparation, else, our case will be the case of a farmer who go to farm without going along with a cutlass, or rather any farm tool –else, the unthinkable will happen –dangerous wild animals such as snake and scorpion might try to attack, and his aim in the farm that day, will go sleeveless and aimless. This is the exact shoe our so-called political rulers have worn.

Every living on earth: the handicapped, the sick, the blind and the dumb without reasonable any doubt, know that the major preventive measure to this world’s pandemic, is OPERATION STAY AT HOME; STAY SAFE. But the question is, are we indeed SAFE, here, in my nation, Nigeria? Haven’t you ever thought that this is another systemic way of house arrest, whereby we are being lockdown to battle the demon, penury? Or another “neo-definition” of famine and hunger? Drastic ones!

Without much emphasis, this is the country that we all know without blindness of the mind and of the sight that numbers of people who wallow in abject poverty and crazy hunger and live in a roofless and muddy buildings, are very many more than these borne with silver spoon in their mouths. Yet, they abandoned these categories of people to go home –if possible they own one, in hunger, and runny stomach. People, who if they don’t go to their workplaces will die? People, who go every single day, running after busses, taxes, cars and the likes just to meet their daily need? People, who live under the bridge to beg for day-to-day bread? I’m rest assured without any doubt, that at last, these people will do every thing to unchain themselves from the oath of this STAY AT HOME; STAY SAFE slogan, and clamour for war. What do you expect a frustrated and menaced being to do, after not being fed? Expect the unthinkable. The unpremeditated. The worst eyes have never seen.

People don’t talk, but they grumble beneath because of the fear of not being harmed. But we shall reach the time when all these people whom you think they are observing shelter in place, emerge out of their various homes and houses; and fear no gun, no death, no blood, no pandemic. And fight for their right. Then, the civil war you never planned for will come like a thief in the night.

And if you don’t want this nation to go haywire and hubbub. The right things are expected to be done at the right time…It takes two can tango. You can’t expect people who are of lower statuses, you don’t provide food for, to heed and yield to the popular sermon; STAY AT HOME; STAY SAFE. And if this political stubbornness persists, then the nation will be battling two disease: the world known CORONAVIRUS and the domestic HUNGERVIRUS, which almost every citizen of Nigeria is familiar with. Let’s handle the latter first, hungervirus. It’s killing!

The probably solutions? If this time we are in, the citizens need money. What then are you awaiting? Make the necessary and wise preparation for it, just to safe this nation, our heroes have built for years, from crumbling, drastically. If the people, who are in question, need food to sustain their lives pending the time this pandemic will disappear into the thin air. What then are you awaiting? It’s the least to do. If these people, in this era when corona rules, lack shelter, is better the government provide homes for them just to prevent the issue on ground. Remember, proper preparation towards prevention is better than cure.


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