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Strings of Love

“Arlea, the laundries are waiting.”

“Arlea, be quick, you need to do some grocery shopping.”

“Arlea, I can’t find my gold necklace.”

“Arlea, my throat is hurting me, it’s dry.”

Arlea this, Arlea that… they kept on ranting on and on.

“Yes, mum, sis, on my way.” She walked into the living room using the back door; it seemed like she had been busy with the stupid flowers her step-mom made her water every morning.

A thunderous slap landed on her face as she got to the living room, preparing to search for her step-mom gold necklace.

“Don’t you ever call me your mom, bitch. I can never abandon my child for any reason,” she blurted out, making Arlea stunned and misty from the slap.


“Simon the bands are here already.”

“OK ,mom, would be out in a minute.”

Simon walked out wearing a fitted black jeans pant with a black shirt showing his well-built body. His hair was neatly combed with some strands covering his left eye, just the way he liked it. He looked extremely hot.

“Hey guys,” he greeted the band on entering the PAGES 5 official bus.

“Hey man,” Alex greeted, shaking hands.

“Hey Simonita,” Phillip greeted with a smirk on his face.

“Hey,” Enrica simply said.

“Whatever,” Gabriel said as he tossed his head sideways, girlishly making everyone in the bus to burst into fits of laughter.

“Seriously Gab, get a life,” Simon simply said in his usual serene tone and emotionless expression.

“Who’s ready to rock a show!”Gab yelled, dancing around in the bus. “Ouch!” He winced as his head hit the top of the bus.

“Yep, that’s what you get,” Phil said laughing hard.

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