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Will You?

Will you marry me to make me whole?
To be the flavor that’ll nourish my soul
I can’t bear to let you go
Making you mine, is my only goal

I’m down on my knees
Floating in the evening breeze
Asking you to please
Say ‘yes’ and set my heart at ease

I’ll be your Prince and you my Princess
My love for you is pure and priceless
All I need, I have in excess
But without you, I feel I’m no success

Listen as the birds sing
This here is my mother’s ring
Blessings are what it shall bring
Will you marry me and make me a king?

Will you be my wife?
For the rest of my life?
For your happiness I shall strive
As long as we remain alive

On this eve of Valentine
Behold the neon sky shine
It’s glow, so bright and fine
Will you marry me and forever be mine?

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