The Media

I though it was a place meant for my academia
where I would get articles from an encyclopedia
or probably even watch stuffs on its multimedia
or even call my friends who reside in Abyssinia
and watch, listen to news in its space.
But I was all wrong.

The media is just like a bacteria (positive and negative).
and it does more harm in disguise than we could imagine.

Making you love the oppressor than the oppressed
cyber-bullying each other to depression

Different religious members act in aggression

All of them act holy while they are in digression

Spreading fake/hateful/nepotistic news is the new profession

Which shuns away peaceful coexistence in repression

I pray, when would peace make a comeback and make a repossession?

In a generation where we don’t ask our media outlets questions

In Nigeria, we have successfully painted these zones with these;
North—Almajiri, Boko Haram, illiteracy, poverty-stricken palace.
South—kidnapping, cultism, prostitution, baby factory, drug pushers, scammers

It’s not as if these things don’t happen, but because the media doesn’t focus its lenses on other pivotal issues,
these have affected both zones’ reputation to an extent where we despise each other,
failing to recognize ourselves beyond this,

And we keep on waiting for a headline that would satisfy the urge of our hungry fingers, by commenting back with insults.

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