Suspense and Horror Stories


My eyes flew open, to a gloomy darkness. There was a door, it was dark except for two parallel lines of sun rays.

I felt pains in parts of my body: my head, back, legs, face and shoulders. I tried to move my hands but realized it was tied up, same with my legs.

I danced with my butts for balance and hoped for the better.

Then my hands touched it, something fleshy but with a disgusting smell. I changed direction, to my utmost shock, I touched something solid differently solid; it was a bone, a knee cap, I figured, then a skull, then another bone.

Horror took hold of me, fear gripped my heart, death tugged at my shirt as the stench of decayed blood oozed from different directions. I knew that I was in a den.

As minutes went by, in a cell habited by bones, thousands of thoughts and questions haunted me.

How did I get here? How long have I been unconscious? How is my girl? Is she the body with a decaying flesh? I asked myself.

Death seemed inevitable with every passing second. I jerked up with the mind of either escaping or dying while trying.

My vision was blurred but that wasn’t going to stop my escape. I wriggled my body like a blind man in search of sharp bones. I found one and cut at the rope on my hand several times before it came loose. I did same for my legs.

I tiptoed to the door and bolted it with a bone. I thought of my next line of action, but before I could move, a bang came at the door, then came another faster and continuously. My mind screamed: “Your abductors are here.”

My heart flew out of my body, I had no plan. What plan was I supposed to have? Instinctively I hit the parallel lines I had seen earlier and boom it was a window.

I felt no pain even though my palm bled, and whisked my hands out of the window. The breeze of reverberating waves from the ocean beneath greeted my palms.

The realization was strange. I was in a ship heading to where I didn’t know, and I didn’t even care to know. I stared at the sea as my heart missed some beats.

With the increasing bangs on the door loosening the hold of the bone, I had to choose whether to jump and face whatever came in the sea or stay put with my abductors.

I took a last glance, both at the almost-breaking door and the sea.

My name is Wayene and I’m trapped in between.

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