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Okoro Virus—The Story

The entire market was unusually calm and was not bustling as it would on a normal day. The colours that made it a colourful site was lacking. He sat in his shop looking down at his laptop for the umpteenth time, as he couldn’t focus on what he was doing due to his newscaster of a neighbour. Mama Chisom who sold tomatoes and vegetables was sitting on her stool with her awkwardly tied head-tie which always tried to escape anytime she waved flies away from her tomatoes. It looked like the flies were bored too and were bent on playing chase with her. Her face was so serious as she continued her conversation with her umbrella mate, Mama White, the semi-albino woman whom you couldn’t guess her age, giving her good use of cheap make up in her younger years.

“My sister, did you hear that it is 1000 cases now, but they are just telling us 100?” Mama Chisom continued with much gusto.

“You don’t mean it! I talk am!”

“No wonder the market is like this.”

“Hmm, maybe that’s why Oga Nwoke Ocha was coughing so hard yesterday.”

“Thank God I ran away from him oo!”

“That’s it oo. In fact, there are more than 1000 cases sef, they said even our president has it too,” Mama Chisom blazed on.

Ehhhe! He must have been the person that brought it into the country. Customer bịa nụ,” Mama White called on a young boy who was wearing synthetic gloves while picking his nose.

Their neighbour who could not stand listening to their convo secretly, pushed his head out and asked them, “Mama oo, which cases are you people talking about?”

“Nna, it is Coloria virus na, don’t you listen to WhatsApp?” Mama White smiled and lifted her shoulders, “One woman in our tomato group posted the video.”

Mama Chisom lookd up quizzically at him, “My son, haven’t you heard of Okoro virus?

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