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At first, it was just a feeling
But slowly it grew into longing.
Never knew I could feel like this
But at last it has left me like this.

He once asked, “Do you love me?”
But I told him no, make me.
But I never expected to feel like this
But he ended up making me feel like this.

Day and night, he sent me Eros
A dull brain turned poet.
Making me longing for more
Until I could take it no more.

I still remember the first day we met.
It all started with an argument with no result met.
Who would believe it would be like this.
The start of something wonderful.

I have heard about love.
And the feeling it brings.
Always thought it was a fantasy.
Until it became clear and I could see.

Before I used to laugh at those in love.
Because they looked like fools in love
But now I’m lost in my own fantasy
Because love is all I can see.

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