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Day 02—Zaddy

Tick tock, tick tock goes the time
I’m counting the moments till we meet again
I’ve kept vigil like tomorrow is the last day on the calendar and today is all we have
They say love weakens the heart but I only feel myself getting stronger
Too much sugar in the system, what do they call it—diabetes
Yours is too many sweetness called lovebetes
Yesterday was about the meeting of our eyes
Today, let me speak of your touch
The barest feeling, a brief holding of hands
Oh! Your touch makes me wanna quote scriptures in ecstasy
Shall I talk of how much my heart pounds fiercely like a frightened bird against my chest when you hold me?
Ayiiiii, words foreign to my lips I’m tempted to speak
Roller-coaster emotions, hot and cold then hot all over again
Your touch burns me, lights a fire in me
You call, I answer, it’s simple like ABC
You are my Valentine, let’s be in quarantine
Let’s self-isolate, you and I
Against the world, just you and I

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