Blood Money

Human blood is all the need
Human life is the precious seedThey slice their throat and proclaim their creed
Whilst their prey’s soul yearns to be freed

They flash their bloody wealth, wealth indeed
Their shiny teeth masking their evil deeds
No one has any idea what they did
No one knows of the missing little kids

They end your fears with their money
They laugh, you think it’s funny
Though their words be sweet as honey
But beware for they’re mere baloney

Keep your wealth, keep your riches
The fabric of your money is sown with bloody stitches
Listen while the pastor preaches
“Their blood money sucks your life like water leeches”

They walk with their shoulders high
Their wealth makes the poor sigh
Their way of life is of a different style
You stare in wonder as they drive by

But a day shall be their doom
They shall be swept off by the Master’s mighty broom
The occult kingdom, their money’s loom
Shall burn in flames and give room for light to bloom

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