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A Million Years Ago

When will I see you again?
I heard you have settled down with
someone you loved.

But I am so confused?
I thought I was going to be your forever.

You promised me heaven on earth
before you embarked on this mission.

You asked me to give you my most priceless jewel which was my heart and I did.

You wrote me letters of love.
You sent me series of gifts symbolizing your affection for me.
I always prayed for you and still do so.

I waited my dear, I waited
And I am still waiting for you.
My mind is in haywire now.

Come back and prove me wrong.
Come back and tell me I didn’t hear correctly.

Although it has been a million years ago,
my heart is still in your possession.

Please release it if you don’t want it anymore
and I will gladly let you go even if it hurts.

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