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Yes, I Do

How could you be this wicked?
Wow, are you surprised
I am retaliating this way?

What did you expect,
For me to just accept
your forsaken vows, which
you have just spoken to me in front of God?

Oh! You thought I would never find out.
But you know what,
I did find out that secret you
have been hiding from me all these years we have been together.

You have been a player all this while
and I failed to notice it.

You deceived me and I allowed it.
I thought I have found the perfect man in the entire universe to love me till death do us part.

But, all this time has been a lie.
Why should you subject me
to this inhumane treatment?

I gave up my life for you.
I stayed with you through thick and thin

My whole body aches,
My heart is bleeding profusely.

My tears pouring in torrents.
You lied to me,
betrayed my trust and I gladly welcomed it.

I was blinded by the love I had for you.
And you know what,
I am saying, “Yes I do,” not
because I am accepting you,
“Yes I do,” because this deceit ends now.
“Yes I do,” because I know better
and I hope you can do the right thing.

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