Oh, Black Africa

“Meow” the black cat cried in pain
She have given birth to 50 other black cats, that’s the gain
Her children are united and thriving
Feeding each other with milk and fish
Their mother keeps on reminding them that they are God’s first creation
So they should desist away from temptation
They are the greatest of whomever to come

“Meow” the white cats arrived,
For our fathers are bribed
And then we are stripped off our pride
Chains with pains inflicted upon the black cats
Forcibly making them inferior

Our lands were polluted with new culture
Our own cultures were punctured
We stopped being our brothers’ keepers at the juncture
They removed the chains, but the black cats minds are still enchain.

“Meow” the black cats cried in anguish
It’s leaders trade them for coins
Their kings stripped down of their powers
“Democracy'” or “brainwashed”
Borders across our lands
Killing each other if we dare to cross
I don’t want to talk more of the black cats for I’m Frost
One thing we discarded amongst us is Trust
Our resources are exploited, our bodies are still being exploited.

“Meow” the black cats cried in pain
The black cats are labeled as refugees or immigrants
The white cats are labeled as tourists or expatriates
The black cats’ languages are detested
And the white cats’ languages are appreciated
The black cats are still crying
For its leaders have failed to protect its sanctity.

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