My Dream

They called me names,
They called me failure
They mocked me
‘Cause they saw me down

I lived in pain,
Wanting to change my identity
‘ Cause what I am called is failure

I hoped for best
‘Cause life without it is trash
I pray for a miracle
‘ Cause I can’t keep up anymore

I craved for Wisdom
‘Cause I found out, it rules the world
I longed for knowledge,’ cause I know
That beauty is by what you know,
Not how you look
I yearned for understanding,
‘Cause that’s the secret of life

Now, I am trapped in my little world of ignorance
Eating me up, ’cause it’s the worst disease
And one day I decided to take charge

I told my pen to write and it did
I worshipped my books
And prayed to God for grace

I was told it wouldn’t work
They told me that I can’t get my goals
They called me obtuse
And mocked humorously at me

They deserted me like an empty Forest
My loved ones left me
And called me useless!

Yet I’m still with my pen, writing on the wall of success
I know my weakness,
I chose it as my field
I pant to learn the basis
‘Cause foundation builds a strong house

I am still with my pen, writing on the door of success
Hoping to access it one day
And then change my identity

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