Christ Month

God who has blessed us,
And chose us before the foundation of the world,
He predestined us through Christ,
Blessed us through Christ,
We have redemption through Christ,
And wisdom of love through Christ.

To know his purpose and our purpose in Christ,
To unveil and use, both earthly and heavenly things through Christ,
And built our inheritance round him, for easy access through Christ
So that our hope will be glorified in Christ
For the gospel we listen to, is from Christ.

He guarantee us possession in Christ
Which is our father of glory in Christ
For the spirit of revelation and wisdom, in the knowledge of him, to us as Christ
For the eye of our understanding be enlightened,

That we’ll know our hopeful calling in Christ,
And the riches of his glorious inheritance as saint
And what is the immeasurable greatness of Christ
Power toward us, that believe in Christ,
And according to the workings of his great might
That he work in Christ
When he raise him up from dead,

And seated him at his right hand in heavenly places, owned by Christ,
Given to us by Christ
To have Christ on earth
Which is far above authority on earth.
Power and domimon has been given to Christ
For every name which is not in Christ;

Either Corona, depression,
peril, lament and death
Be pull out our tent
Because everything is under Christ feet,
And power is given to those in Christ,
Saying, months of outbreak is out
From our planet because we are in the month of Christ
Not in crisis because rain of liberty
Will sanitize our planet
And our period this month
Will be pattern in, and by Christ… in April…


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