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The African Beauty (Part One)

Do you have an idea
of the pain it brings?
Of course you are only
interested in the pleasure it gives.

The prayers for a new born baby.
May she grew up fat and strong
Even with the little she has to eat.
Who would believe that the prayers
Will later turn into a nightmare?
All because of a society that has lost its value.

I have heard the old-time stories
Awards given to women for being fat.
But all these are old-time stories
Nowadays all they get are criticisms for being fat.

Many a time it left some wondering,
Is it my fault that I turned out this way?
In the confirms of their rooms, they mourn sadly.
To them crying their hearts out,
Is the only way.

We criticise the colonisation
Of the black by the white
Claiming to put our culture in motion,
But unconsciously we have deviated.

The Africa woman is dark,
She is brown skin and fat.
With her long hair which is also dark.
Yes, that is the African beauty.

Why make her feel bad
When she is supposed to be a representative of the African’s pride?
You only acknowledges her fatness
But you have forgotten that beauty is in the heart.

Oh! I still recur the stories of my grandfather.
Of how being fat was a sign of beauty.
And fat mothers with dark skin were the choice of fathers.

To you who are fat and dark,
Don’t cry or beat yourself
Olodumare can never make a mistake
Rejoice for the fact that you are fat
Weep not for you were created
In the image of a powerful being.

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