PoetrySad Poems

Roonac Rivus

We heard tales about you
How you ravaged the Far East
The dread you dealt, we had little clue
Yet you grew on our minds like floor and yeast

You became our everyday news
We closed our borders in spite of you
Our gate locked with bolts and screws
We took formations to stand our guard
There was no way ou would get in

One pleasant morning, for which we are mourning—
You flew into the country
Like a wrapped gift,
a gift that have caused grief

What we fear now dwells with us
Co-runner with lasser fever
Threat to our hearts first, lives next
We bid you to leave, begone from us

Like a monster in a grinning mask,
you stole into our country;
Like a boy who lost his errand money,
You will leave our country.

You think you are an aeroplane,
That you can fly freely;
But we are the hangar,
Let’s see how you do what you claim

So Corona, better look for a way out
Before you will be mesmerized
Fear the power of a desperate Africans

Corona, co-runner of lassa fever
Forget not of Ebola your grand cousin
and what fate we handed out to her
Remember bird flu, your uncle’s brother
And how he flew from our birds and lives
We shall not share this country with you since you
Caused the Outbreak that’s Ruining Our Naturally Accustomed lives

How can we Cut Off the Onslaught Ravaging Our Nation?
Stay indoors, have sense
Pray for us, always.

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