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My Nature

I hate for you to see the monster in me
I hate you see the demons that hold me down
It hurts when my worst is revealed When I am seen as the devil
I try to do good, but this nature gets the best of me
I should associate with light, but I am clothed in darkness
I should walk in the daylight, but I stay up all night
I am a lost soul on the rough path to salvation!
I still have to fall a hundred times till this chain breaks off

Even though I’m in chains
I spit out words to break my fetters
I reach out to the sky to fling my feathers
I splash out my ink to shine as light
I’m not shameful of these guards;
I am a bard, I am a heaven bird,
I need no any richness of the world.
I love a flower and so charming lass
In aromatic springs that never pass.
I love a whisper, very gentle and long,
And, in full silence, a despondent song.

PlayfulTD & Tommy Brian

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