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My Little City: Damnatio; Work

So I had levelled with my brothers, as such, it wasn’t a secret anymore I have to admit, it became easier to talk with them and breath when we were together, I had gotten what I sought, more.

I had more cash to spare, that was rare very soon we would be able to change our lair.

I saw her only once, and that was on my first day, apparently it was a privilege to see her, she wasn’t some horses hay

But I guess I knew it would be like this, this was Val, not some ordinary chic, this was the mafia and she was the Don.

I was given orders, I carried them out, at first it was simple errands, stand guard, carry the trash out.

Then one day I was summoned, to her personal quarters, she told me a lot of things, I’m not a gullible guy, everything she said, to me, held more weight than quarters.

But above all, my brothers lives were in my hands, I didn’t feel that was a threat, no she wasn’t at all smiling, That on its own sealed my will, maybe this was my own version of fate.

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