My Journey

If you were burnt
where are your ashes?
If you drowned
why don’t you float?

If you were shot
where is the trail of your blood?
If you you were massacred
why don’t your corpse litter on the street of ignorance?

For your sake, I have journeyed to the world beyond
to where great potentials are buried
counted the corpses in the cemetery
but couldn’t find your grave

I have asked the mad man
and he muttered words I couldn’t comprehend
I have asked an infant
and she sang a song without a rhythm

They made me a tea of tyranny
filled with the milk of ignorance
its aroma I inhale
each gulp escalates my ignorance

I now await you behind closed doors
I hold my sword near
should the wind carry you to me
I would hold you and never let go

I must yet embark on another journey
this time to the land of the spirits
a place where the head and neck separate
because I must find my muse.

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