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It will be five full moons tomorrow,
And your absence in my world
Still makes me bleed in heart.
It wasn’t deliberate of me
To let you go.

Regret still fills me
Like a filled drum of water.
There is a lot bothering me,
But I am full of myself
To approach you.

I am not oblivious
To the happenings in our class.
To know that you are in love with my best friend
It’s a stab to the ever fresh cut in my heart.
Jealousy is the headline in me.

Yesterday will never be forgotten.
How I saw your lips enclose with hers,
And how she laid her head on your chest
Made me feel empty.

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday,
And I know you’d celebrate her.
I will make sure I turn it to a bitter day for you,
As I pass the night at her place today.

See her next to me,
Knowing not that death lies with her.
See her next to me,
Knowing not that she’d not be celebrating her day
On the day I parted with the one I still love.
She crosses the bar in seconds.

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